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Automate Success

BotScale innovations simplify operations, saving time and money in the process. These scalable solutions enable businesses to reach their fullest potential. Learn More
  • Automate Operations and Save Time with appBot

    Countless hours are spent every day processing tasks in Excel Spreadsheets and other Microsoft Office products.  These operations can be automated and enhanced to save enormous amounts of time and money with appBot.
  • Test and Train Employees and Potential Hires with eduBot

    Certifying the skill of a potential employee can be very tough.  eduBot allows employers to easily assess their candidates' skills in Microsoft Excel.  Additionally, eduBot is a wonderfully effective tool for training current employers in several Excel tasks.
  • Maintain Control and Organization of Vehicular Assets with fleetBot

    Companies that need to maintain a large fleet of service vehicles face many challenges in the security, control, and organization of their vehicles.  fleetBot brings innovative solutions to these challenges, allowing companies to rest assured that their vehicles are being used safely and efficiently.


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