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BotScale works to solve your problems. We create customized tools and websites that will help your company grow. Our products help you attain your goals while keeping technology at your fingertips.

appBot - Automation and Scaling

Every work day consists of thousands or even millions of individual repetitive operations in Excel or other Microsoft Office products that contribute to accomplishing business goals.  Some of these repetitive tasks may be very simple and small, and they could be performed by one or hundreds of employees countless times a day.  Others may be large tasks that are performed once a month by a relatively few number of people, but with a lot of time and energy wasted on doing the same repetitive tasks every month.  Either way, these add up to a significant cost in labor and take resources away from new innovations and opportunity.

The solution is appBot.  Many of these repetitive operations can be automated with appBot, which reduces time spent on Microsoft Office tasks that are repeated on a daily or monthly basis.  The enhancements made by appBot are very affordable and when scaled, can provide incredible improvements in efficiency, employee morale, and cost savings.

Learn how appBot can save you $$$$$$$

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eduBot - Testing and Education

Finding the best candidate for a position can be tough.  Teaching current staff new skills can be even tougher, especially with the costs of education.  What if there was a low cost and easy answer to give you tools to perform both of these things in a simple and affordable way?

With eduBot, you can determine skill levels of potential candidates as well as current employees.  eduBot offers a free assessment test (the Excel challenge) that covers four key areas of Excel skills that are critical for managing data and providing timely reports to management.  Once skill levels are determined, you can take advantage of BotScale's customized Excel classes that are targeted to the skill levels of your staff.  eduBot classes are affordable and can be tailored for beginners and experts alike.

Ask us about the Excel challenge and test your skills!

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fleetBot - Vehicle Management

To manage a fleet of vehicles, whether it be one vehicle or thousands of vehicles, requires tools to track costs, schedule maintenance, and manage driver utilization.  This can be a cumbersome process at best and requires constant monitoring and multiple employee involvement.  

With fleetBot, processes can be consolidated into one platform.  BotScale is one of a few exclusive North American dealers for PoolCar, which is a premier reservation platform that is used all over the world.  Whether you manage a small pool of vehicles for a sales staff, or are managing heavy construction equipment for a large project, fleetBot offers a solution for you.  With the suite of services that fleetBot provides, you and your team can have the benefits of a robust fleet management solution at an affordable price.

Learn more about fleetBot products or find out about a free PoolCar test drive.

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shareBot - Online Data and Marketing

Building your web presence is tough. Getting your website to perform is even tougher. How do you get the online tools to manage your data along with the marketing value and e-commerce capabilities to succeed on the web? How do you share your value to your customers, and how do you share your data securely with your team?

shareBot is the answer. We will consult with you and your team to get the results you need. With experience in front-end and back-end web development, we will provide a one-stop solution to your internet presence. Our development team at shareBot will give you an edge over your competition and will create tools that you will be able to use far into the future. Our shareBot scalable solutions bring value to any organization.

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